Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference

Scan Task Variables

The Audit Policy Scan Task and Access Scan Task task definitions both specify the forms to be used when initiating the task. These forms include fields that allow for most, but not all, of the scan task variables to be controlled.

Table 1–9 Scan Task Variables

Variable Name  

Default Value  



Identifies the number of concurrent users to work at one time for a single scanner. Increase this value to potentially increase throughput when scanning users with accounts on very slow resources. 



Indicates time (in mS) spent trying to obtain lock on user to be scanned. If several concurrent scans are scanning the same user, and the user has resources that are slow, increasing this value can result in fewer lock errors, but a slower overall scan. 


Indicates time (in mS) to delay between issuing new scan threads. Can be set to a positive number to force Scanner to be less CPU-hungry.