Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference

Tracking Workflow Progress

The designated owner of a task can always check on the status of a Workflow task. The owner is usually the person that initiated the task, but ownership can be redefined. Because tasks are objects in the repository, they will also be visible to anyone else with sufficient permissions.

Workflow status is typically represented in the Task List State column by the strings executing, pending, creating, and suspended. You can add additional, more informative strings summarizing workflow status to this column display.

Implement this feature by adding one of two possible expressions to the WFProcess file:

<WFProcess name=’queryRoleTask’ maxSteps=’0’>
     <s>Customized Status</s>
     <Activity id=’0’ name=’start’>
       <Transition to=’GetReferencingRoles’/>
     <Activity name=’GetReferencingRoles’>
       <Action id=’0’>

<Status> can be any XPRESS statement that results in a string. For example,

   <s>custom string</s>


     <s>not appearing</s>
     <s>custom string</s>

The results of this expression, if any, are displayed in the Status column when a result is pending (for example, pending (custom status)).