Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference

Sample Scenario Three

You must write a custom user provisioning request workflow for users to execute. This type of workflow might be handy when customers want managers to submit provisioning requests for their direct reports but prefer to avoid making every manager in the organization an Identity Manager administrator.

With these requirements in mind, you create a custom workflow that:

You will also need to refresh the view. Refreshing the view means that Identity Manager re-examines the assigned resource information and re-fetches that information from the native resources to update the User view with the latest information (if it changed since view check-out).

You can ensure that Identity Manager refreshes the view by specifying a ViewVariables element within the manual action that instructs Identity Manager which variables in the WorkItem’s variables object should be treated as a view and thus refreshed when requested. See the preceding example for an example of specifying the variable user as a ViewVariable.