Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference

Tabbed User Form

Tabbed User Form is the default form used for user creation and modification in the Identity Manager Administrator Interface. You can customize a copy of this form by extending it with a form of your design.

Tip –

Do not directly edit the Tabbed User Form. Instead, Sun recommends that you make a copy of this form, give it a unique name, and edit the renamed copy. This will prevent your customized copy from being overwritten during service pack updates and upgrades.

Customize your copy of Tabbed User Form to:

Tabbed User Form contains these fields:

Note –

Do not use the MissingFields element in a production environment. It is provided for educational purposes only.

When creating or customizing a User form from the Tabbed User form, you must replace the MissingFields element with explicit references to each individual attribute that can be pushed to the assigned resource. You must provide this replacement to avoid common pitfalls that can result from using the global namespace too heavily. (For example, your workflows will not populate resources unless they use global syntax.)

(The MissingFields field is not actually a field. It is an element that indicates to the form generator that it should automatically generate text fields in the global namespace for all attributes that can be pushed to the assigned resources that are not explicitly declared in the Tabbed User Form.)

By default, every attribute defined on a resource that is assigned to a user appears on the Create User and Edit User pages as a text box (or checkbox for Boolean values).