Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference

Form Structure

Forms are stored as XML objects within the Identity Manager repository. Each form is stored as its own object with the following structure.

Note –

You do not need to know the XML structure of a form. Identity Manager IDE simplifies working with form structure. This information is supplied for your reference only.

The following stub form illustrates the general structure of a form.

Example 2–3 Form Structure

<?xml version=’1.0’ encoding=’UTF-8’?>
<!DOCTYPE Configuration PUBLIC ’waveset.dtd’ ’waveset.dtd’>
<!--  id="#ID#UserForm:EndUserMenu" name="End User Menu"-->
<Configuration id=’#ID#UserForm:EndUserMenu’ name=’End User Menu’
reateDate=’1012185191296’ lastModifier=’Configurator’
lastModDate=’1013190499093’ lastMod=’44’ counter=’0’ wstype=’UserForm’>
   <Form name=’End User Menu’>
      <Display class=’LinkForm’>
         <Property name=’title’ value=’User Self Service’/>
         <Property name=’subtitle’ value=’Select one of the following options’/>
Field content
   <ObjectRef type=’ObjectGroup’ id=’#ID#Top’ name=’Top’/>

The Identity Manager User Interface implements a second XPRESS form that contains the navigation bar. This means that the rendered page has two <FORM> tags, each with a different name attribute:

<form name="endUserNavigation">


<form name="mainform">