Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference

Display Element

A Display element within the Form element describes the component that will be used to render the form. By default, this Display element is the used EditForm component. You will rarely need to change the Form component class, but you can set component properties. The two most common properties to specify are title and subTitle.

EditForm also supports the adjacentTitleWidth property, which can be used to set the width of the titles of adjacent fields. If this property is not defined, it defaults to zero.

If you define adjacentTitleWidth as equal to zero, columns titles will automatically resize. If set to a non-zero value, then the title width of adjacent columns (for example, the second and third columns) will be the value of adjacentTitleWidth.

<Form name=’Default User Form’ help=’account/modify-help.xml’>
   <Display class=’EditForm’>
     <Property name=’titleWidth’ value=’120’>
     <Property name=’adjacentTitleWidth’ value=’60’>