Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference

Disable Element

Calculates a Boolean value. If true, the field and all its nested fields will be ignored during current form processing.

Do not create potentially long-running activities in Disable elements. These expressions run each time the form is recalculated. Instead, use a different form element that will not run as frequently perform this calculation.

Note –

The display.session and display.subject variables are not available to Disable form elements.


This example illustrates a field definition that uses an expression within the <Disable> element to control the visibility of the field. accountInfo.typeNames is used to find the type of all resources that a user is assigned to. The type returned is a list of all the user’s resource types. If the list of returned type names contains Solaris, then this field is displayed on the screen. Otherwise, this field is disabled.

<Field name=’HomeDirectory’ prompt=’Home Directory’>
   <Display class=’Text’/>

Disable elements are typically used to check values of other fields on the form. Often the other field being referenced is calculated based on other input fields.

<Field name=’special value subfield’>
   <Comment>Show only when otherField has the value ’special value’</Comment>
         <s>special value</s>
<Field name=’account correlation rule’>
   <Comment>If synchronization on a resource supports an account correlation rule,
allow one to be selected, otherwise don’t show the field.  If a process rule has been
selected, then a correlation rule won’t be run, so don’t show the field.</Comment>