Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference

Editing and Container Fields

When the Display element appears with the Field element, it describes the component that will be used to render that field. There are two types of fields:

Editing fields must have names and are always used with one of the editing components such as Text or Checkbox.

Example Editing Field

<Field name=’’>
   <Display class=’Text’>
      <Property title=’Email Address’/>
      <Property size=’60’/>
      <Property maxLength=’128’/>

The name of an editing field is typically a path expression within a view that is being used with the form. In the preceding example, refers to the email address associated with a user object in the Identity Manager repository.

A Container field may not have a name and is always used with one of the Container components, such as ButtonRow, SimpleTable, or EditForm.

One common type of container is the EditForm container, which builds an HTML table that contains titles in one column and components in another. These titles are defined in the title property and are rendered on the Identity Manager page associated with the form.