Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference

Referencing Fields from Another Form

You can reference particular fields in a separate form (rather than a complete form) through the use of the <FieldRef> element.

Use the <FieldRef> element to include a specific field from within an external form. Include:

   <ObjectRef type=’UserForm’
      name=’Password Library’/>
   <ObjectRef type=’UserForm’
      name=’Account Summary Library’/>
   <ObjectRef type=’UserForm’
   <ObjectRef type=’UserForm’ name=’Global Attributes’/>

In the following example, the field name itself inserted in the section of the form that matches the location on the page you would like it to be displayed.

<Field name=’global.fullname’ hidden=’true’>
             <s> </s>

In the following example, the <FieldRef> element identifies the name of the attribute you want to reference.

    <FieldRef name=’DynamicChangePasswordFields’/>