Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference

Command Values and Buttons

Note –

This section is important only if you are building Button objects. If you are building components from XML forms, you can assume that the values in the following table are recognized.

All pages in the Identity Manager interfaces have used the post data parameter named command as a mechanism to convey which form submission button was pressed. Page processing systems using components are not required to follow the same convention, but there are some components that contain special support for the command parameter, in particular the Button component.

Some page processing systems, notably the one that processes XML forms, expect the command parameter to be used. Further, several command parameter values have been used to indicate particular actions. These values are described in the following table.

Table 2–11 Possible Values for the command Parameter




Indicates that the contents of the form should be saved. 


Indicates that contents of the form should be thrown away. 


Indicates that the form should be refreshed based on entered data. 

Any value can be used for the command parameter, but you must know which unrecognized command value usually results in a redisplay of the page.