Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference


Some display elements are contained within components called container components. Container components offer a way to:

Creating a container class typically results in the generation of an HTML table tag.

Typical container components are described in the following table.

Table 2–12 Typical Container Components




Arranges components in a grid with an optional row of column titles at the top 


Arranges button in a horizontal row. This component is essentially a panel that is preconfigured for horizontal layout. 


Positions components into five regions: north, south, east, and west 


Displays a blue and beige table with sortable columns. 

Creating a Simple Table

The <SimpleTable> component is a frequently used container component in Identity Manager forms. It arranges components in a grid with an optional row of column titles at the top. The only property for this display component is columns, which assigns column titles and defines the width of the table as defined in a list of strings.

In the following example, a field that uses SimpleTable to organize several subfields:

<Field name=’SelectionTable’>
   <Display class=’SimpleTable’>
      <Property name=’columns’>
   <Field name=’accounts[LDAP].selected’>
      <Display class=’Checkbox’>
         <Property name=’label’ value=’LDAP’/>

      <Display class=’Label’>
         <Property name=’text’ value=’Primary Corporate LDAP Server’/>
   <Field name=’accounts[W2K].selected’>
      <Display class=’Checkbox’>
         <Property name=’label’ value=’Windows 2000’/>
      <Display class=’Label’>
      <Property name=’text’ value=’Primary Windows 2000 Server’/>


Grouping Components

To group multiple components on a form to hide or disable them, use the <SimpleTable> container as shown in the following example.

Example 2–10 Grouping Components for a Form

            <s>Windows Active Directory</s>
   <Field name=’accounts[AD].HomeDirectory’>
      <Display class=’Text’>
         <Property name=’title’ value=’Home Directory’>