Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference

Calling a FormUtil Method from within the allowedValues Property

From within the allowedValues property, you can also call FormUtil methods that permit you to dynamically retrieve and process information from a resource external to Identity Manager, such as a database.

This example shows how to call a FormUtil method to populate a <Select> list. In the following example, the method is called from within the allowedValues property. The getOrganizationsWithPrefixes method (or any FormUtil method) is invoked from within an expression.

<Field name=’waveset.organization’>
   <Display class=’Select’>
      <Property name=’title’ value=’Organization’/>
      <Property name=’autoSelect’ value=’true’/>
      <Property name=’allowedValues’>
            <invoke class=’com.waveset.ui.FormUtil’

XPRESS also supports the ability to invoke calls to Java methods from within a resource or ActiveSync adapter. The results of the calls can then be used to populate multiselection or select lists. For information on invoking methods from an expression, see Chapter 5, XPRESS Language