Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference

Overriding Guidance Help

You can use a custom message catalog to override the guidance text that displays in a pop-up window. If you name your custom message catalog defaultCustomCatalog, Identity Manager recognizes and uses it automatically. Alternatively, you can choose a different name, and then specify that name in System Configuration object under the customMessageCatalog name

For example:

<Attribute name=’customMessageCatalog’ value= ’sampleCustomCatalog’ />

The following sample sets custom guidance help for a component called _FM_DELEGATEWORKITEMSFORM_SELECT_WORKITEM_TYPE.

   <Configuration name="sampleCustomCatalog">
         <CustomCatalog id="defaultCustomCatalog" enabled="true">
            <MessageSet language="en" country="US">
                   Select Work Item Type</Msg>
                   Type of Work Item: Select work item type from the list.</Msg>