Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference

Inserting Alert Messages into XPRESS Forms

You can insert WARNING), error (ERROR), or informational (OK) alert messages into an XPRESS form.

Note –

Although this example illustrates how to insert a Warning ErrorMessage object into a form, you can assign a different severity level.

ProcedureTo Insert an Alert Message

  1. Use the Identity Manager IDE to open the form to which you want to add the warning.

  2. Add the <Property name=’messages’> to the main EditForm or HtmlPage display class.

  3. Add the <defvar name=’msgList’> code block from the following sample code.

  4. Substitute the message key that identifies the message text to be displayed in the Alert box in the code sample string:


  5. Save and close the file.

    <Display class=’EditForm’>
       <Property name=’componentTableWidth’ value=’100%’/>
       <Property name=’rowPolarity’ value=’false’/>
       <Property name=’requiredMarkerLocation’ value=’left’/>
       <Property name=’messages’>
    <defvar name=’msgList’>
          <new class=’com.waveset.msgcat.ErrorMessage’>
            <invoke class=’com.waveset.msgcat.Severity’ name=’fromString’>

    To display a severity level other than warning, replace the <s>warning</s> in the preceding example with either of the these two values:

    • error -- Causes Identity Manager to render an InlineAlert with a red “error” icon.

    • ok -- Results in an InlineAlert with a blue informational icon for messages that can indicate either success or another non-critical message.

    Identity Manager renders this as an InlineAlert with a warning icon

    <invoke class=’com.waveset.msgcat.Severity’ name=’fromString’>

    where warning can also be error or ok.