Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference

Dynamic Tabbed User Form

Provides an alternative to the default Tabbed User form, which fetches all resources as soon as an administrator begins editing. In contrast, Dynamic Tabbed User form features incremental fetching and editing of multiple resources based on resource type.

Note –

For detailed implementation information, see the comments associated with each user form in WSHOME/samples/form_name.xml.

Importing and Mapping the Form

Three forms are involved in the substitution of Dynamic Tabbed User form for the default Tabbed User form.

Table 2–20 Forms associated with Dynamic Tabbed User Forms



Dynamic Tabbed User Forms 

Contains the features of the default Tabbed User Form but dynamically creates one tab per resource type. 

Dynamic User Forms 

Contains fields for creating resource type tabs on the user form. 

Dynamic Forms Rule Library 

Contains the rule library for dynamically printing out attributes for resources that have no specified user form. 

Dynamic Resource Forms 

Contains all forms that are currently compatible with the Dynamic Tabbed User form. Users can customize this list. 

Installing Dynamic Tabbed User form involves two steps: importing the form, and changing the form mapping.

ProcedureStep 1: Import the Form

  1. From the Identity Manager menu bar, select Configure > Import Exchange File.

  2. Enter the file name (dynamicformsinit.xml) or click Browse to locate the dynamicformsinit.xml file in the ./sample directory.

  3. Click Import. Identity Manager responds with a message that indicates that the import was successful.

Step 2: Change Form Mapping

There are two methods of assigning a user form to an end user. Select a method to edit these form mapping depending upon how administrators in your environment will be using these forms. These methods include:

ProcedureAssign Scalable User Form as the Default User Form

  1. From the menu bar, select Configure > Configure Form and Process Mappings.

  2. In the Form Mappings section, locate userForm under the Form Type column.

  3. Specify Dynamic Tabbed User Form in the box provided under the Form Name Mapped To column.

ProcedureAssign Scalable User Form per Administrator

  1. From the menu bar, select Accounts > Edit User.

  2. Select a user in one of these two ways:

    • Click on user name, then click Edit


      • Right-click on the user name to display a pop-up menu, then select the Edit menu option

  3. After the Default Edit User Form appears, click on the Security tab.

  4. Find the User Form field and select Dynamic Tabbed User Form.

  5. Click Save to save the settings.