Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference

Customizing Scalable Forms

After importing and mapping the scalable user form, you must customize it. To enable incremental fetching, you must identify:

Both the Dynamic User Forms and the Resource Table User Forms use resource-specific forms for displaying a user’s resource-specific attributes. The following user forms are located in the WSHOME/sample/forms directory and have been adapted for use by scalable forms.

These forms are automatically imported along with both Dynamic Tabbed User Forms and Resource Table User forms.

If a deployment is using a resource type other than a type listed above, the scalable forms display a default User form that simply lists all attribute name and values specified in the schema mapping. To use an existing customized resource user form other than those listed above, you must make certain modifications in order to ensure compatibility with the scalable forms. The following procedure describes some of the steps necessary to ensure compatibility.

Note –

Refer to any one of the forms in this list as an example of this modification.