Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference

Turning On and Off Error Logging

The Identity Manager error logging utility reports to standard output any problems with the syntax of form expressions. Once XPRESS tracing is turned on, you can limit log messages to XPRESS statements for a subset of the form with the <block> tag. To obtain more information about the processing of XPRESS statements, a configuration option in the file, xpress.trace, can be set to true. When this option is set to true, all evaluations of XPRESS statements will generate trace messages to the console. This can be used to debug statements that are evaluated inside a running application whose code cannot be changed to enable tracing through the XPRESS API.

You can turn on XPRESS tracing for all XPRESS fields through either the command line or the Identity Manager Administrator Interface. Turning on tracing this way affects all fields. To limit log messages to a subset of the form, use the <block> tag set to limit error tracing to only code within the <block></block> tags.

Procedure To Turn on Error Logging from the Command Line

  1. Open the config/ file for editing.

  2. Search on the line xpress.trace=false.

  3. Change the false value to true.

  4. Save the file.

  5. Restart the application server.

    Alternatively, you can use the Identity Manager Administrator Interface to turn on and off error logging.

  6. Login into Identity Manager as Configurator.

  7. Select Debug to open the Debug page.

  8. From the Debug page, select Reload Properties.

    To turn tracing off for XPRESS, set the xpress.trace value to false, and reload the file.