Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference

Using listResourceObject Method

There are ten versions of the listResourceObject method. Some versions require that you supply a single resource ID, or a list of resources, or a Boolean to clear the cache or other caching details. Other versions provide the ability to specify that the method to run as a different user.

When implementing this method within a form or rule, clarify in comments which version of this method you are using. For example,

Lists the Groups on the AD-Austin resource starting at the OurGroups OU.
It will leverage the server cache should this list be found there.
Additional details in the Identity Manager formUtil javadocs under:
public static java.util.List listResourceObjects(java.lang.String subjectString,
java.lang.String objectType,
java.lang.String resourceId,
java.util.Map options,
java.lang.String cacheList)