Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference


Specifies the Identity Manager user password. When the view is first constructed, this attribute does not contain the decrypted user password. Instead, it contains a randomly generated string.

The password attribute set contains the attributes described in the following table.

Table 3–4 Attributes of the password Attribute (User View)




Identifies the password to be set 


Confirms the password to be set. The password should match the value of password.password


Specifies a list of resources that can have their password changed 


Specifies a Boolean flag that signifies that the password should be pushed to all of the resources 


Specifies a list of objects that contains information about each of the resources. This attribute contains two attributes, which are described below. 

accounts[<resource>]. selected

Boolean. When set, indicates that the password should be changed on the resource. 

accounts[<resource>]. expire

Boolean. When set, indicates that the password will expire. 

This attribute is set to false if the user changes his own password. However, if an administrator changes another user’s passwords, the flag is set to true. 

To prevent the password from being expired when administrators or proxy accounts other than the user change a password on an account, set 

accounts [<resource>].expire = <s>false</s>

This setting ensures that 

the password is not expired 

Identity Manager does not force the user to change the password again