Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference

Overriding Resource Attributes

In addition to setting account attributes, you can also specify resource attribute overrides for each account. Resource attributes are attributes that are defined for the resource definition in Identity Manager, and consequently for the resource type. They are not attributes associated with an individual account. Examples of resource attributes include the host name of the server, or the base context in a directory.

You may want to create an account on a resource, but use a different value for one of the resource attributes. You could do this by duplicating the resource and changing the value, but excessive resource duplication can be confusing. Instead, resource attributes can be overridden on a per-account basis in the view.

Resource attribute overrides are stored in the attribute object under an attribute named resourceAttributes. If, for example, the resource defined an attribute named host, this could be specified in the view with the path:

accounts[Active Directory]

Note –

Although overriding resource attributes is not recommended, sometimes you cannot avoid it. You might choose to overwrite a resource to avoid creating duplicate resources that point to the same physical resource but differ by one attribute. For example, in a customer environment that has multiple Active Directory servers, it may make more sense to override the resource attribute host in the form than to create a new resource. Contact your Identity Manager support representative for more information.