Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference

global Attribute

You can use the global attribute set of the user view to conveniently assign attributes to many resource accounts (including Identity Manager). The value of the global attribute is an object whose attributes are referred to as global attributes. When the view is saved, the system assigns the value of each global attribute to all resource accounts that define the global attribute name in their schema map. These values are also propagated to the Identity Manager repository if there is an extended attribute with the same name.

For example, two resources R1 and R2 define an attribute named fullname. When the attribute global.fullname is stored in the view, this value is automatically copied into attributes accounts[R1].fullname and accounts[R2].fullname.

You can also use global attributes to assign extended attributes that are stored in the Identity Manager repository. If a global attribute is also declared as an extended Identity Manager attribute, it is copied into accounts[Lighthouse].

Note –

Do not use global.accountId when creating accounts. The account ID is created by the DN templates on the resources. Using global.accountId overrides this, which may cause problems.