Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference

accountInfo Attribute

Contains read-only information about resource accounts associated with the user. It is used within system views besides the user view. Some information in this view is a duplicate of the information found in the waveset.accounts attribute. There are two reasons for this duplication:

Most account information is stored in the accountsInfo.accounts attribute. Other attributes simply contain lists of account names. It is common to use a FieldLoop in a form to iterate over the names in one of the name list attributes, then use this name to index the account list attribute.

For example, the following form element generates a list of labels that contain the names of each resource that is assigned indirectly through a role.

<Field name=’accountInfo.accounts[$(name)].name>
   <FieldLoop for=’name’ in=’accountInfo.fromRole’>
     <Display class=’Label’/>

The following tables shows the accountInfo view attributes, which describe characteristics about the user.

Table 3–9 accountInfo Attributes (User View)




Lists objects that contain information about each resource account associated with the user (for example, created, disabled). 


Lists the resources that are assigned to the user. 


Lists (in flat list format) resources assigned to the user through the role. 


Lists (in flat list format) resources assigned directly to the user. 


Lists names of all resources currently assigned to the user but for which accounts do not yet exist in Identity Manager. 


Lists names of resources that are no longer assigned to the user, but that are still known to exist. 


Lists each type of resource that is currently assigned to the user or through Reserve Groups. 


Lists unique type names for every assigned resource.