Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference


Identifies the user (by name) whose work items will be delegated.


Lists delegate objects, indexed by workItemType, where each object specifies delegate information for a specific type of work item (workItem).


Lists delegate objects, indexed from 0 to n, where n is the current number of delegate history objects up to the delegate history depth. (Delegate history depth is the number of previous delegations to keep for reuse. You can configure the number kept in the System Configuration object by setting the security.delegation.historyLength attribute to an integer value greater than 0. The default number kept is 10.)

Each of the preceding attributes has the following attributes:

Table 3–25 Delegate Attributes

Attributes of accounts[Lighthouse].delegate* Attributes  



Identifies the type of workItem being delegated. See Delegate object model description for valid list of workItem types.


Specifies a user-friendly workItem type name. Identity Manager displays this name in the product interface.


Lists the names of the specific roles, resources, or organizations on which the user is delegating future workItem approval requests. This attribute is valid when the value of workItemType is roleApproval, resourceApproval, or organizationApproval.

If not specified, the value of this attribute default is to delegate future workItem requests on all roles, resources, or organizations on which this user is an approver.


Type to delegate to. Valid values are: 

  • manager

  • delegateWorkItemsRule

  • selectedUsers


Lists the names of the users to delegate to (if toType is selectedUsers).


Specifies the name of the rule that will be evaluated to determine the set of users to delegate to (if toType is delegateWorkItemsRule).


Specifies the date when delegation will start. 


Specifies the date when delegation will end. 


Summarizes a delegation based on its start and end dates and whether the delegation appears in the list of current delegations.