Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference


Lists the specified object types (specified by the objectType attribute) allowed queryable attribute names that are obtained by default by calling the objectType’s listQueryableAttributeAttrs() method. This method is exposed by each class that extends PersistentObject. If not overridden by the object type class, it inherits the PersistentObject implementation returning the default set of queryable attributes supported by all PersistentObjects.

You can override the default set by specifying the set of allowedAttrs in either the default section or the objectType-specific section of the findObjectsDefaults.xml configuration file. This file resides in the sample directory. Specify each allowed attribute in the sample/findObjectsDefaults.xml file as follows:


Identifies the attribute.


Specifies the attribute name as it is displayed in the Identity Manager Administrator interface. If not specified, the value of this attribute defaults to the same value as name.


Indicates the data type of attribute value where supported values include string, int, and boolean. If not specified, this value defaults to string.


Indicates whether the attribute supports multiple values. A value of true indicates that attribute supports multiple values. If unspecified, this value defaults to false. This attribute applies only if the attribute syntax is string.


Specifies the name of the Identity Manager type if the allowed values of the attribute are instances of an Identity Manager type (for example, Role or Resource). If not specified, this attribute defaults to null.

If the name attribute is an Identity Manager-defined attribute, then only name is required. If the attribute name is an extended attribute, you must specify at least the name and, optionally, the other attributes unless the defaults are sufficient.

See sample/findObjectsDefaults.xml for example formats for specification of allowed attributes.

You can specify the list of allowedAttrs as either a list of strings, a list of objects, or a combination of both.