Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference


Names the process to launch. This can be the name of a TaskDefinition or TaskTemplate object in Identity Manager. It can also be an abstract process name mapped through the process settings in the System Configuration object. This attribute is required.


Specifies the name given to the TaskInstance object that is created to hold the runtime state of the task. If this attribute is not set, a random name is generated.


Names the organization in which to place the TaskInstance. If this attribute is not set, the TaskInstance is placed in Top.


Specifies a display name for the TaskInstance.


Specifies a descriptive string for the TaskInstance. This string is displayed in the Manage Tasks table in the product interface.


Specifies execution mode. This is typically not specified, in which case the execution mode is determined by the TaskDefinition. Setting this attribute overrides the value in the TaskDefinition.

Allowed execMode values are:

Table 3–40 execMode Attribute Values (Process View)




Specifies synchronous or foreground execution 


Specifies asynchronous or background execution 


Specifies asynchronous with immediate thread launch 

Use the asyncImmediate execution mode only for special system tasks that must pass non-serializable values into the task through the view. The task thread is started immediately. The default behavior is to save the TaskInstance temporarily in the repository and have the Scheduler resume it later.


Specifies the initial result for the TaskInstance. You can use this setting to pass information into the task that you eventually want displayed with the task results when the task completes.


Specifies the user name that is considered to be the owner of the task. If not set, the currently logged-in user is designated as the owner.