Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference


Lists the Identity Manager resource type name (for example, LDAP, Active Directory).


Lists the Identity Manager resource name.


Lists the Identity Manager resource ID or name.


Indicates the resource-specific object type (for example, Group).


Lists the name of the resource object.


Specifies the fully qualified name of the resource object (for example, dn).


Specifies the ID of the user who is requesting the view.


Indicates new or updated resource object attribute name/value pairs (object). This attribute has the following subattribute:

resourceattrname -- String used to get or set the value of a specified resource attribute (for example, <objectType>, where cn is the resource attribute common name).


Specifies the fetched resource object attribute name/value pairs (object). You cannot edit this value. The view uses this attribute to calculate attribute-level changes for update.


Identifies the list of organizations of which the resource is a member. This list is used to determine which organizations should have access to the associated audit event record when available for future analysis and reporting.


List of object-type-specific attributes to return when requesting an object with the checkoutView or getView methods.


Specifies the context used to search for non-fully qualified names in resources with hierarchical namespaces.


Lists the resource object type-specific attribute names that will be used to search within the specified searchContext for names of resources with hierarchical namespaces.


Specifies the maximum time spent searching for a name input to a form (if supported by the resource).