Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference

Example: Using relatedItemFilter Form Property

You can specify the following filter attributes.

Table 3–75 relatedItemFilter Option Values

relatedItemFilter Option Values 

Results of Filtering 


Only work items with a matching itemType are returned 


Only work items created from the same activity are returned 


Only work items with the same user defined request string are returned 


Only work items that are currently locked for editing are returned 

If more than one filter attribute is on the list, they will be logically AND’ed together. For example, to return only work items with the same request string that are current locked, add this property to the Approval form:

   <Property name=’includeRelatedItems’ value=’true’/>
     <Property name=’relatedItemAttributes’value=’request,description’/>
     <Property name=’relatedItemFilter’ value=’request,locked’/>

An example field that displays a table of information about the related work items was added to the Approval Library form library, the field name is Related Approvers. You can reference this field from the standard Approval form as follows:

 <FieldRef name=’Related Approvers’/>