Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference

Using the variables Attribute

When writing a work item form, the most common attributes to reference are complete and variables. The complete attribute must be set to the value true in order for the workflow to be resumed. It is typically set by a hidden field in response to pressing button fields with labels such as Approve and Reject.

The variables attribute contains an object whose values are copies of variables from the workflow task. One of the most common workflow variables used in work items is user, which contains a user view. For example, to reference the attribute from a work item form, use the following path expression:

This differs from attribute paths used in a standard user form. First, the entire view is stored in a workflow variable named user, which results in the user. prefix being required in the attribute path. Next, the workflow variables are stored under the variables attribute in the Work Item view, which results in an additional variables. prefix being required in the attribute path.

Because of this nesting of the user view attributes, you cannot use a standard user form with the Work Item view without modification. However, you can define a work item form that references the user form with the base context option.