Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference

View Options

You can specify the following options when the view is created or refreshed to control the behavior of the WorkItemList viewer.


Identifies the name of the initial user whose work items are to be displayed. Can be used to override the default, which is the current session user.


When set to true, indicates the form will generate both the users and forwardingUsers lists in a custom way and that the view handler should not generate them. Generating these lists can be time-consuming if there are many approvers in the system. If the form does not intend to use the default users and forwardingUsers lists, enable this option.


Specifies the types of administrators whose names will be available in the Forward to list. The value of this attribute defaults to peers. Can be set to one of these values:

Table 3–79 ForwardingApproverStyle View Option Values

Option Value 



Specifies administrators at the same organization level as the current user or above 


Specifies administrators in organizations that are controlled by the current user 


Specifies both controlled and peers 

You can set this and other view options as form properties:

      <Property name=’ForwardingApproverStyle" value=’peers’/>


When true, indicates that the view handler should not cache the users and forwardingUsers lists but instead recalculate them every time the form is refreshed. Since calculating the user lists can be expensive, it is generally preferred to cache them and refresh only when explicitly instructed by setting the action attribute to Refresh.


Can be set to the name of an extended user attribute whose value is to be used instead of the repository name in the user lists. This can also be specified in the UserUIConfig object, but it may be more convenient to set in the form.


When true, indicates that display names should not be used even if one is specified in the UserUIConfig object. You can set this option in a form to selectively override the UserUIConfig setting.


When true, indicates that the action specified with the action attribute should be executed immediately without confirmation.