Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference

Using Deferred Attributes

There are two main steps to defining a deferred attribute:

Procedure To Define a Deferred Attribute

  1. Ensure that the account is created on the source resource before the second account is created. Do this by creating an ordered Resource Group that contains both resources and assigning the Resource Group to the user.

  2. Set the special attributes in the User view for the accounts that are to be created as indicated by the following sample scenario. Each deferred attribute requires two view attributes: one that identifies the source account, and one that identifies the source attribute. Set these using paths of the following form:


    where <resource> would be replaced with an actual resource name and <attname> replaced with an actual attribute name.

    For example, assume a scenario in which the following two resources are created: 1) a resource named LDAP that generates a uid attribute when an account is created; 2)a resource named HR, which contains a directoryid attribute named directoryid, whose value is to be the same as uid in the LDAP resource.

    The following form fields set the necessary view attributes to define this association.

    <Field name=’accounts[HR].deferredAttributes.directoryid.resource’>
    <Field name=’accounts[HR].deferredAttributes.directoryid