Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference

Correlation Rule

Identity Manager invokes the Correlation rule during reconciliation to associate a resource account with one or more Identity Manager users.


Accepts a WSUser representing a resource account as returned by ResourceAdapter#getUser(WSUser)

You must specify the following for a custom Correlation rule:


Not specified 




All attribute values for the resource account defined in the schema are provided in the following format: 

account. LHS Attr Name


During reconciliation 


Criteria you can use to select existing users that might own the specified account. A correlation rule can return criteria in any of the following forms:

  • A string that is interpreted as a WSUser NAME

  • A list of string elements that are each interpreted as a WSUser NAME

  • A list of com.waveset.object.WSAttribute elements

  • A list of com.waveset.object.AttributeCondition elements

    Identity Manager uses any set of criteria returned by a correlation rule to query the repository for matching users.

Predefined Rules 

Default Correlation