Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference

ViolationSeverity Rule

Use the ViolationSeverity rule to allow a deployment to specify what the valid violation severities are, and what the corresponding display strings will be.



You must specify the following for a custom ViolationSeverity rule:




Not specified 


When displaying the violation list and when changing violation severity. 


A list of key/value pairs indicating severity integer value and a corresponding string. The integer values must be contiguous because the rule returns a list, not a map.

Note –

You can customize this rule to change the display value for any priority setting.

When a ComplianceViolation is created, you can change severity values in the Remediation WorkItem list viewer. Select one or more Remediation WorkItems, and then select Priority, which enables you to change severity values.

To see these values in the Remediation WorkItem list view, you must change the approval/remediate.jsp page by setting the includeCV option to true (default is false). However, enabling the more detailed view affects performance, which may be unacceptable for deployments with lots of Remediations.

The custom value expects the ViolationSeverity rule to be an array rather than a map. So, if you use 100 as the integer value, the rule must have 200 elements (alternate int/string). The list provides both string mapping for the integer and populates the selection in the form where you changed it.

Predefined Rules 



Called from the Remediation List Form