Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference

XML Syntax and Example

XPRESS uses an XML syntax that is easy to parse and manipulate and can be embedded naturally in other XML vocabularies used within Identity Manager. The names of the XML elements are the names of functions to be called. Nested elements are the arguments to the function. In addition, there are beginning and end tags for each element (in this case, <add></add>).


<add> <ref>counter</ref> <i>10</i> </add>

In the preceding example, the <add> element represents a call to the function named add. This function is passed two arguments:

The value returned by the add function will then be the result of adding the integer 10 to the current value of the variable counter. Every function call either returns a value or performs an operation on one of its arguments. For example, if the ref call returns the value of the counter, then the <i> call returns the integer 10, and the <add> call returns the addition of the two calls.

Another example is the classic Hello World program, which is written in XPRESS as follows:

<print><s>Hello World!</s></print>