Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference

Checking Expression Syntax with lh Command

ProcedureTo Check the Syntax of an Expression

  1. Confirm that you have %WSHOME%\bin in your PATH environment variable. (For information on changing environment variables to work with Identity Manager, see the section of Installation Guide that describes using command-line tools.)

    If %WSHOME%\bin is not in your path, then you must change to %WSHOME%\bin before you can run the tools.

  2. From the command line, enter lh xmlparse <xpress_file> where xpress_file represents the name of the file that contains the XML you want to test. This command parses the file for XML correctness and displays error messages in the console.

    Note –

    Consider putting %WSHOME%\bin in your PATH environment variable. This will permit you to use whichever directory you are currently in as your working directory. This will also allow you to run the Identity Manager lh command from any current working directory.