Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference

Defining Map Objects with XML Object Syntax and XPRESS

You can use either the XML Object syntax or XPRESS to dynamically construct Map objects. Using the XPRESS <map> element is similar to using the XML Object language <Map> and <MapEntry> elements. These elements differ in that the contents of <map> can be calculated using expressions. In contrast, the <Map> element can only define static maps.

Note –

Maps are sometimes used as arguments to methods that are called with an <invoke> expression. For example, certain methods in the FormUtil class require maps as arguments.

Using XPRESS to Represent a Map

The contents of the XPRESS <map> element are pairs of name/value expressions. The even-numbered expressions define map keys, and odd-numbered expressions define map values. If any key expression evaluates to null, the entry is ignored.

You can use the XPRESS <map> element to dynamically construct java.util.HashMap objects:







Using XML Object Syntax to Map Objects

You can use XML Object syntax to define map objects as follows:


   <MapEntry key=’name’ value=’Jeff’/>

   <MapEntry key=’phone’ value=’338-1818’/>