Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference


Editing components have a value that may be null. The value is typically set automatically by Identity Manager from an attribute in a view. Some components allow you to set the value by explicitly ignoring current view content. This value can be null.

The Component class allows the value to be any Java object. The subclass must coerce the value to a particular type when it is assigned, or when the HTML is generated. Component values are almost always String objects or List objects that contain strings. See the section titled Data Types for more information on component value types.

Most container classes do not have values. If you assign a value, it is ignored. Some containers do allow values (for example, TabPanel and WizardPanel).

When building components from XML forms, the value is usually derived by using the component name as a path into the underlying view object, which contains all the values being edited.


<Property name= ’value’ value=’false ’/>