Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference


Specifies a command to submit when a component is modified. (When a user makes a change to a value, form output is recalculated.)

This property is typically used with the Button component. Some components must cause immediate submission of the surrounding HTML form when they are modified so that the application can regenerate the page based on that modification. Setting the command property to a non-null value causes this behavior.

When the command property is set, and the component is modified, the form is posted and an extra hidden parameter named command is posted whose value is the value of the command property.

The command specifies how the system will process the edits that have been made to a view. The command property must have one of the following values.

Table 7–3 Values of command Property




Causes the edits to be saved. 


Causes the edits to be discarded. 


Causes the page to be regenerated. 


Causes the edits to be saved, but no form validation to be performed. 

Because specifying a command value of Recalculate is so common in forms, an shorter alterative syntax is available. The Display element has an attribute named action that when set to true, has the same effect as setting the command property to Recalculate.

<Display class=’Select’ action=’true’>"