Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference

Alternative to the MultiSelect Component

It can be unwieldy to display many admin roles using the MultiSelect component (either the applet or HTML version). Identity Manager provides a more scalable way of displaying and managing admin roles: the objectSelector field template.

The Scalable Selection Library (in sample/formlib.xml) includes an example of using an objectSelector field template to search for admin role names that a user can select.

Example 7–2 Example of objectSelector Field Template

<Field name=’scalableWaveset.adminRoles’> 
   <FieldRef name=’objectSelector’> 
      <Property name=’selectorTitle’ value=’_FM_ADMIN_ROLES’/> 
      <Property name=’selectorFieldName’ value=’waveset.adminRoles’/> 
      <Property name=’selectorObjectType’ value=’AdminRole’/> 
      <Property name=’selectorMultiValued’ value=’true’/> 
      <Property name=’selectorAllowManualEntry’ value=’true’/> 
      <Property name=’selectorFixedConditions’> 
            <new class=’com.waveset.object.AttributeCondition’> 
      <Property name=’selectorFixedInclusions’> 

ProcedureHow to Use the objectSelector Example Code

  1. From the Identity Manager IDE, open the Administrator Library UserForm object.

  2. Add the following code to this form:

       <ObjectRef type=’UserForm’ name=’Scalable Selection Library’/>
  3. Select the accounts[Lighthouse].adminRoles field within the AdministratorFields field.

  4. Replace the entire accounts[Lighthouse].adminRoles with the following reference:

    <FieldRef name=scalableWaveset.adminRoles/>

  5. Save the object.

    When you subsequently edit a user and select the Security tab, Identity Manager displays the customized form. Clicking... opens the Selector component and exposes a search field. Use this field to search for admin roles that begin with a text string and set the value of the field to one or more values.

    To restore the form, import $WSHOME/sample/formlib.xml from Configure > Import Exchange File.

    See the Scalable Selection Library in sample/formlib.xml for other examples of using the objectSelector template to manage resources and roles in environments with many objects.