Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference

ProcedureTo Create a Wizard Form

  1. Assign the WizardPanel display class to the top-level container (rather than TabbedPanel).

  2. Set the noCancel property to true.

  3. Define one or more EditForm fields that contain the pages of the wizard.

    The following example provides comments for guidance purposes:

       <Display class="HtmlPage"/> ----- If not set, causes indentation and color problems
       <Field name=’MainTabs’> -- Name of the top container that wraps the tab pages
          <Display class=’TabPanel’/> -- Display class for the top container: 
                                         either TabPanel or WizardPanel
       <Field name=’Identity’> -- Label of the Tab
          <Display class=’EditForm’> -- Each “page” must be an Edit Form
             <Property name=’helpKey’ value=’Identity and Password Fields’/>
       <Field name=’waveset.accountId’>
          <Display class=’Text’>
             <Property name=’title’ value=’_FM_ACCOUNT_ID’/>
    <Disable> <ref></ref> </Disable>