Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference

ProcedureTo Load a Rule

  1. From the Identity Manager menu bar, select Configure > Import Exchange File.

  2. Enter the sample file name or click Browse to locate the file in the idm\sample\rules directory.

    Sample common rule file names are:

    • sample\rules\ListGroups.xml

    • sample\rules\NamingRules.xml

    • sample\rules\RegionalConstants.xml

    Sample resource rule file names are:

    • sample\rules\ADRules.xml

    • sample\rules\NDSRules.xml

    • sample\rules\NTRules.xml

    • sample\rules\OS400UserFormRules.xml

    • sample\rules\RACFUserFormRules.xml

    • sample\rules\TopSecretUserFormRules.xml

  3. Click Import. Identity Manager responds with a message indicating that the import was successful.