Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference

ProcedureTo Update the User Form

  1. Copy the Tabbed User Form and rename it (for example, <CompanyName>tabbedUserForm).

  2. In your Web browser address line, type this URL, and then press Enter.


  3. After you authenticate, Identity Manager displays the System Settings page.

  4. Select the UserForm option from the Type list, and then click List Objects.

  5. Click Edit next to the <CompanyName>tabbedUserForm (or the main form you created).

  6. Change the includes area of the form to add each sample form, shown in the following example in bold text:

      <ObjectRef type=’UserForm’ id=’#ID#UserForm:UserformLibrary’ name=’UserForm Library’/>
      <ObjectRef type=’UserForm’ name=’UserFormName’/>

    Values for UserFormName can be:

    • ACF2 User Form

    • AIX User Form

    • HP-UX User Form

    • LDAP Active Sync User Form

    • Netegrity Siteminder Admin Form

    • Netegrity Siteminder LDAP User Form

    • Netegrity Siteminder ExampleTable User Form

    • NDS User Form

    • NT User Form

    • Open Networks User Form

    • OS400 User Form

    • Oracle ERP User Form

    • RACF User Form

    • RSA ClearTrust User Form

    • SecurID User Form

    • Skeleton Database Active Sync User Form

    • Solaris User Form

    • Tivoli Access Manager

    • Top Secret User Form

    • Global Attributes (vitalStatform.xml)

      Continue with the next section before saving the form.