Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference

ProcedureTo Access Task Definitions or Task Instances

  1. From the Debug page of the Identity Manager Administrator Interface, select TaskDefinition from the Type menu adjacent to the List Objects button

  2. Click List Objects. Identity Manager displays a list of the available object types that you have access to.

  3. Select an object (for example, TaskDefinition). Identity Manager displays all instances of that object type that you have permission to see.

    Once a workflow task is launched, the workflow engine creates a TaskInstance in the repository. A TaskInstance is an object in the repository that holds the runtime state of an executing workflow process. It stores context variables and immediate transition information for the TaskDefinition from which it was spawned.

    The TaskInstance references the descriptive TaskDefinition object through the TaskDefinition object’s generated ID. If you edit a TaskDefinition, TaskInstances already in execution will continue to use the old TaskDefinition object, but new ones will use the modified TaskDefinition with its newly generated ID.