Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference

ProcedureTo Insert an Alert Message

  1. Use the Identity Manager IDE to open the form to which you want to add the warning.

  2. Add the <Property name=’messages’> to the main EditForm or HtmlPage display class.

  3. Add the <defvar name=’msgList’> code block from the following sample code.

  4. Substitute the message key that identifies the message text to be displayed in the Alert box in the code sample string:


  5. Save and close the file.

    <Display class=’EditForm’>
       <Property name=’componentTableWidth’ value=’100%’/>
       <Property name=’rowPolarity’ value=’false’/>
       <Property name=’requiredMarkerLocation’ value=’left’/>
       <Property name=’messages’>
    <defvar name=’msgList’>
          <new class=’com.waveset.msgcat.ErrorMessage’>
            <invoke class=’com.waveset.msgcat.Severity’ name=’fromString’>

    To display a severity level other than warning, replace the <s>warning</s> in the preceding example with either of the these two values:

    • error -- Causes Identity Manager to render an InlineAlert with a red “error” icon.

    • ok -- Results in an InlineAlert with a blue informational icon for messages that can indicate either success or another non-critical message.

    Identity Manager renders this as an InlineAlert with a warning icon

    <invoke class=’com.waveset.msgcat.Severity’ name=’fromString’>

    where warning can also be error or ok.