Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

Creating a Policy

Password policies are the default type for string quality policies. After naming and providing an optional description for the new policy, select options and parameters for the rules that define it.

Length Rules

Length rules set the minimum and maximum required character length for a password. Select this option to enable the rule, and then enter a limit value for the rule.

Policy Type

Choose one of the policy type buttons . If you choose the Other option, you must enter the type in the text field provided.

Character Type Rules

Character type rules establish the minimum and maximum characters of certain types and number that can be included in a password.

These include:

Enter a numeric limit value for each character type rule; or enter All to indicate that all characters must be of that type.

Minimum Number of Character Type Rules

You can also set the minimum number of character type rules that must pass validation, as illustrated in Figure 3–7. The minimum number that must pass is one. The maximum cannot exceed the number of character type rules that you have enabled.

Note –

To set the minimum number that must pass to the highest value, enter All.

Figure 3–7 Password Policy (Character Type) Rules

Figure illustrating how to set the minimum number of
character type rules