Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

Logging in to the Identity Manager Administrator Interface

ProcedureTo Open the Administrator Interface

  1. Open a Web browser and type the following URL into the address bar:

  2. Enter your user ID and password and click Log In.

    The Administrator interface opens if your User ID has assigned capabilities and an assigned controlled organization.

Session Limits and Cookies

If cookies are enabled in the administrator’s Web browser, administrators will remain logged on to the Administrator interface up to the time allotted by the configured session limit. If cookies are disabled in the browser, then certain actions will cause the system to prompt the administrator to log in again during the session.

These actions include:

To avoid multiple login requests, cookies should be enabled.

Forgotten User ID

Identity Manager allows an administrator to retrieve his or her forgotten user ID. When an administrator clicks Forgot Your User ID? from the login page, a lookup page appears and requests identity attribute information associated with the account, such as first and last name, email address, or phone number.

Identity Manager then constructs a query to find a single user matching the entered values. If no match is found, or multiple matches are found, then an error message appears on the Lookup User ID page.

The lookup feature is enabled by default, but you can use one of the following actions to disable this feature:

Note –

If you upgrade from an earlier Identity Manager version to version 8.1, the Forgot Your User ID? feature will be disabled by default.

To enable this feature, you must modify the following attributes in the System Configuration object (Editing Identity Manager Configuration Objects):

ui.web.user.disableForgotUserId = false
ui.web.admin.disableForgotUserId = false

The set of user attribute names presented are configured through the system configuration attributes security.authn.lookupUserIdAttributes.<Administrator Interface | User Interface>. The attributes that can be specified are those defined as queryable attributes in the IDM Schema Configuration configuration object.

If recovered, then Identity Manager sends email to the email address of the recovered user by using the User ID Recovery email template.