Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

Help and Guidance

To successfully complete some tasks, you might need to consult Help and Identity Manager guidance (field-level information and instructions). Help and guidance are available from the Identity Manager Administrator and User interfaces.

Identity Manager Help

For task-related help and information, click the Help button, which is located at the top of each Administrator and User interface page, as depicted in the following figure.

Figure 2–3 Help Button in the Identity Manager Interface

Figure showing the Help button.

At the bottom of each Help window is a Contents link that guides you to other Help topics and the Identity Manager terms glossary.

Identity Manager Guidance

Identity Manager guidance is brief, targeted help that appears next to many page fields. Its goal is to help you enter information or make selections as you move through a page to perform a task.

A symbol marked with the letter “i” displays next to fields with guidance. Click the symbol to open a window and display its associated information.

Figure 2–4 Identity Manager Guidance

Figure showing how to access Identity Manager iHelp.