Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

Enabling Self-Discovery

To enable self-discovery, you must edit a special configuration object (End User Resources) and add to it the name of each resource on which the user will be allowed to discover accounts.

ProcedureTo Enable Self-Discovery

  1. Edit the “End User Resources” configuration object.

    For instructions on editing Identity Manager configuration objects, see Editing Identity Manager Configuration Objects.

  2. Add <String>Resource</String>, where Resource matches the name of a resource object in the repository, as illustrated in Figure 3–10.

    Figure 3–10 End User Resources Configuration Object

    Figure illustrating the End User Resources Configuration

  3. Click Save.

    When self-discovery is enabled, the user is presented with a new selection under the Profile menu tab on the Identity Manager User interface (Self Discovery). This area allows the user to select a resource from an available list, and then enter the resource account ID and password to link the account with his Identity Manager identity.

    Note –

    To give end-users access to Identity Manager configuration objects, administrators can also use the “End User” organization. See The End User Organization for details.