Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

The Resources Area in the Interface

Identity Manager displays information about existing resources on the Resources page.

To access resources, select Resources on the menu bar.

Resources in the resource list are grouped by type. Each resource type is represented by a folder icon. To see currently defined resources, click the indicator next to the folder. Collapse the view by clicking the indicator again.

When you expand a resource type folder, it dynamically updates and displays the number of resource objects it contains (if it is a resource type that supports groups).

Some resources have additional objects you can manage, including the following:

Select an object from the resources list, and then make selections from one of these options lists to initiate a management task:

When you create or edit a resource, Identity Manager launches the ManageResource workflow. This workflow saves the new or updated resource in the repository, and allows you to insert approvals or other actions before the resource is created or saved.