Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

Resource Groups

Use the resources area to manage resource groups, which let you group resources to be updated in a specific order. By including and ordering resources in a group, and assigning the group to a user, you determine the order in which that user’s resources are created, updated, and deleted.

Activities are performed on each resource in turn. If an action fails on a resource, the remaining resources are not updated. This type of relationship is important for related resources.

For example, an Exchange Server 2007 resource relies on an existing Windows Active Directory account. This account must exist before the Exchange account can be successfully created. By creating a resource group with (in order) a Windows Active Directory resource and an Exchange Server 2007 resource, you ensure the correct sequence when creating users. Conversely, this order ensures that resources are deleted in the correct sequence when you delete users.

Select Resources, and then select List Resource Groups to display a list of currently defined resource groups. From that page, click New to define a resource group. When defining a resource group, a selection area lets you choose and then order chosen resources, as well as select the organizations to which the resource group will be available.