Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

Setting Up Directory Junctions

This section describes how to set up a directory junction.

ProcedureTo Set Up a Directory Junction

  1. In the Administrator interface, select Accounts in the menu bar.

    The User List page opens.

  2. Select an Identity Manager organization in the Accounts list.

    The organization you select will be the parent organization of the virtual organization you set up.

  3. In the New Actions menu, select New Directory Junction.

    Identity Manager opens the Create Directory Junction page.

  4. Use the options on the Create Directory Junction page to set up the virtual organization.

    These options include:

    • Parent organization. This field contains the organization you selected from the Accounts list; you can, however, select a different parent organization from the list.

    • Directory resource. Select the directory resource that manages the existing directory whose structure you want to mirror in the virtual organization.

    • User form. Select a user form that will apply to administrators in this organization.

    • Identity Manager account policy. Select a policy, or select the default option (inherited) to inherit the policy from the parent organization.

    • Approvers. Select administrators who can approve requests related to this organization.